Panelists 2019


Magdalena Adamowicz

Member of the European Parliament

Helmut Anheier

Heidelberg University

He is professor of sociology at Yale University and past president of the Hertie School of Governance in Berlin. He holds a chair at the Max Weber Institute of Sociology, Heidelberg University, where he is also the Academic Director of the Center for Social Investment and Innovation. His research interests include civil society, social innovation, organizational theory, governance and policy research, social science methodology, including indicator models.

Piotr Arak

Polish Economic Institute

Director of the Polish Economic Institute. A social and economic analyst, he previously worked at Deloitte, Polityka Insight think-tank, the United Nations Development Programme, the Ministry of Administration and Digitisation, and the Chancellery of the Prime Minister. He graduated in social policy from the University of Warsaw, followed by further studies on using statistical methods in business and an MBA at the Warsaw School of Economics and the University of Montreal. He is writing a PhD on public policy at the University of Warsaw. He has written numerous studies on digitisation, the economics of health and economic policy.